Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Uh oh...

...wasn't it just last week that I got Block #1 of the Bible BOM in the mail?   The same one that's sitting on the bedside table where I was studying all the instructions? 

Well, Block #2 and the sashing arrived in yesterday's mail...


Is someone trying to tell me something?  Does this mean that the third block will arrive in a week or two?  At least, it's less than three weeks to spring break... might have a chance to catch up then...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the meantime, Happy March, everyone!


  1. Looks like you will have plenty to do to keep you busy during spring break. Happy March to you too!

  2. I like that block. My goal is that I will sew for at least 1.5 hours everyday. I hope I can find the time each day. Happy March!

  3. It's such a good idea to have a sewing goal for each day...mine would have to be more like 30 minutes, but I believe I'm going to have to borrow Mariliz's idea! This will get us through all those blocks :-)