Sunday, March 27, 2011


When I saw mikmouse's moss block on Flickr, I loved the circles... so had to try that.

Just two more blocks to go now...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Came across this photo and just had to share....

Everything in the picture is interesting... and the photo made me smile to think how far we've come communication-wise...  this lady is typing on a very vintage typewriter and I'm typing on a computer keyboard.


  1. What a great effect with the circles, and you're almost done! Wow!

    I love that photo :) There's so much to look at. And she's so happy, typing away in all her finery.

  2. Another great block. The circles really make it interesting. Thee old photo is cool! I love the fashion!

  3. Another beautiful block. Love the circles.

  4. Love the circles! Good for you! That picture makes me feel young - thanks :-)!!!

  5. Teal is so pretty! Circles make a very striking design!

  6. It's sew cool. I'm gonna love this quilt! I'm tempted....

  7. ...and apparently there's no heat in her office!
    Thank you for the mention! ;) Your circles look great!
    (I had started a cathedral window quilt that used circles; I cut about 50 of them. They've been in a box for about two years. I decided I'd rather use 'em for something else so a bunch made their way into Bottled Rainbows! That's the only reason I have circles!)