Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daffodil Yellow

I didn't realize just how hard it would be to photograph this color...  the first three tries, the Kona solid turned out a pale cream... however, the fabric scraps were spot on color-wise... very strange.

It finally occurred to me to take the block to the other end of the house and take a photo in the morning light... and that worked a bit better.

The true color of the Kona solid is the dandelion puff on the fabric scrap in the lower right corner... or the back ground of the triangle with the gold rose.

Yes, I know... there's a pink rose in the middle!  I had a scrap of fabric that had the perfect color background and only two complete flowers... one of which was the pink rose!  So, there it is!   *lol*

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

No mug rug today...  my mind was whirling with the news that, due to the tough economic times and a loss of $8.2 million in funds, the local school system for which I work will be closing a school.  The students who attend this school will be transferred to nearby schools.

There are other major cuts.... such as the loss of 90 positions... but nothing like the closing of a school.   Gives one much on which to think...


  1. That's sad news about the school closing. We're supposed to be building new resources for children, not consolidating them. It ticks me off that there are people/companies funding research and propmotion of pointless things (like viagra, etc and yes, pun intended) when they could be putting their money towards more worthy causes....but that's just me.

    Now that I'm off my soapbox... I like your school bus yellow block layout very much. Very cool!

  2. We have a $6 million dollar cut coming up in our school district and they're targeting preschools and special needs, of all things! It seems those children benefit so much from the programs in will be sad.

    I love the pink flower with the yellow background - it reminds us of hope, doesn't it?

  3. We haven't had any schools close yet but lots of teachers have received lay-off notices :(
    Love your yellow block! Bright and cheery.

  4. Hey my friend. Your blocks are looking wonderful! I still haven't started, had some unexpected house guest. I hope that your job is safe, this sees to happening everywhere.

  5. I have lots of family members who are teachers, so hopefully none of them will lose their jobs and I hope you don't either! I don't know what the answer to the budget problem is, but it seems like education is the wrong place to be cutting to me.

  6. oh, meant to say I love your block and missed the mug rug. :o)

  7. I had trouble photographing the yellow too but yours is lovely. I LOVE pink and yellow together so I think the rose is perfect!

  8. DANG! Very sad news about closing a school. I always hope for a Hail Mary pass at the last minute - you know, something that will save the day.
    I also hope your job is secure through these bad times.

  9. Love the yellow! Pretty like daffodil yellow! Yes, budget cuts...ugh it's a topic here nearly every day. Scott works for the state, never a pleasant topic.