Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bottled Rainbows Progress

I worked on Bottled Rainbow blocks yesterday since the granddaughters are coming to visit today and there will be little sewing time... I love me some Emma and Chloe time though!

Funny that one of my favorite colors would be one for which I had the fewest fabric scraps....

I had to "make" scraps for this one and used some "California" scraps...  never thought about it before but don't the fabric manufacturers make this color often?  I don't remember seeing that much... 'cause I buy it when I see it!


  1. Enjoy granddaughter time! I'm loving the hot pink block - I'll bet your little granddaughters will, too!

  2. How are you deciding which block you'll work on next? I'm realizing I am saving my favorites for last! Love this one!

  3. Lovely! I didn't have time for the quilt but had to make a couple green for March of course!

  4. That is a hard color to find, at least to find several that go together. I always have a shortage of it in my collection.