Monday, March 28, 2011

Marine Blue

The penultimate block for the Bottled Rainbows Quilt Along...

Thought the mermaids were perfect for the "marine blue"... 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Spent a little time cleaning the lint and dust out of the sewing machine yesterday morning.  I'm not one to clean it every bobbin change... or even every 3-5 bobbin changes.  I suppose I need to do it more often than I do now...   

How often do you clean out the lint/dust and oil your machine?   Just curious...


  1. The mermaids looks great.
    I hardly use my machine so I can't remeber when it's the last time I did all these things;0))

  2. Not very often! I have a new machine that I've used since about January and haven't cleaned it yet! I must, however, do it!!!! I will get out the handbook today and see how to do it.

  3. Your block is great and I like the addition of the mermaids!
    I try to clean the lint out of my machine about every 4th or 5th bobbin change but I'm not as good about remembering to oil it.

  4. Mermaids! They're perfect! I try to clean the lint after evry project but that doesn't always work. Fortunately, I can see into the case so if I'm changing the bobbin and I see a bit o'lint I usually stop and take care of it right then.
    Thank you for all the nice comments. You are so encouraging!

  5. Love the mermaids!
    Before I used only cotton thread, I hardly ever cleaned my machine. Now with using mainly cotton, there is so much lint, that I usually do a quick sweep every time I change the bobbin. It only takes 15-30 seconds at the most. I am really bad at remembering to oil my machine, which I should probably do soon.

  6. Nice colors!
    I clean out the lint after every project. If it is a large quilt, I might stop and clean it midway through the quilting.

  7. I used my older machine about 11 or 12 years until I cleaned it... or rather hubby did. You should see what came out of that!!!!! I was amazed it still ran with that kind of neglect. With my new machine I am trying to clean after each project - and get it serviced at least every other year, if not more often.

  8. That is a wonderful block. I clean the machine at least once a month - because my dear sweet friend Ethel - makes me!!!

  9. Every quilt should have a couple of mermaids on it!

    I keep an oxhair paint brush on my sewing table all the time. Every bobbin change or thread break, I swoosh all the crud out. I also bought mini-nozzle attachment gizmos for my mini-shop vac. I can use it to suck crud out all over the place. I knew I didn't want to use canned air, which blows crud back into the machine. I get that out after every couple of quilts tops--and always if I've sewed on batting in some way.

    Oil my machine? Oh, yeah, I try to remember to do that every month or so. My machine only needs one drop in one place. Pretty easy. And everytime I'm alway amazed at how much better the machine sounds and runs afterwards. Doh.

  10. The mermaids are perfect! I like it, it is a square to make you smile ~

  11. LOVE LOVE the mermaids!!
    I clean my bobbin area after every bobbing change. I also use a brush to just swish the gunk away. I try to remember to take the face plate (is that what the plate under the foot is called?) off every quilt or so, it amazes me how much collects under there. My machine also only needs one drop of oil which I try to remember to do when I pull the plate thingy off. Oh, and changing the needle. SHEESH, I hardly ever remember to do that.