Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Kona Solids Have Landed!

All but one of the Kona solids (eggplant/plum) I ordered for Bottled Rainbows Quilt Along were waiting on the doorstep for me yesterday afternoon when I got home from work...

So beautiful... I have to agree with Crystal of Sonnet of the Moon that the tangerine is really HUNTER ORANGE... or traffic-cone orange.  It IS bright... but who cares? 

I spread out all the solids on the bed and then started playing with my bottled rainbow scraps...  

I'm leaving after work today to drive to Greensboro for a work-related conference on Friday.  Due to the State budget crisis, which I'm sure is not unique to NC, a conference in Greensboro is deemed "close enough" to drive there and back in one day... so no funds  provided for hotel rooms the night before.  However, I'm driving up tonight because someone is smoking something weird to think that I can:
  • get up at 0-dark-hundred, 
  • drive two hours to downtown Greensboro, 
  • find the parking deck, 
  • then find the conference center before 8:30, 
  • sit through a day-long conference,
  • be reasonably alert at said conference,
  • make it outta town during rush hour traffic, 
  • drive two hours home...  
  • and make it back here safely.

This way I can get a good night's rest and not worry so much about being late.

And on Saturday... I can play with fabric!


  1. Lol, about the orange description! They are so beautiful! Just like a rainbow. Drive safe! :-)

  2. Ooh, I love the photo of all the rainbow fabric laid out. That looks like a whole bunch of fun!

    Safe travels to Greensboro and back. You're smart to not do it all in one day. I know that stretch of road between you and GSO and it's a snoozer even after coffee.

  3. Gorgeous fabrics! There's so much that you can do with those. Have a safe trip!!

  4. Can I come over and play with your fabric?! They look great. Have a good trip.

  5. Your new fabrics and old scraps look wonderful together. Hugs

  6. Oooh oooh ooooh oooh your new stash and the goodies from the scrap jars.

    And yeah, what morons think that schedule is safe or good for you? We're looking at similar cuts here in Ohio. Good thing we've got fabric therapy!

  7. So exciting! I love stacks of solid fabrics (or any fabric, really). I can't wait to see your first block! Do you know what color you'll make first?

  8. Oh, the colors are dreamy! I can't wait to see how your squares come together!

  9. OOOH! I wish I had seen this photo before I mailed off your scraps. I might have been able to fill in some hues where you are light.
    Let me know if you need specific colors after they arrive.
    It looks so YUMMMMMY.

  10. Playing hooky didn't sound like a bad idea.