Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On a Rainy Wednesday

Knowing that today would be cold and wet, thus making errands a royal pain in the kazoo... I did the errands yesterday afternoon when it was sunny and warmer.  Warmer... not warm...

The plan was to clear out the left side of the closet in the sewing/computer room and GET ORGANIZED!  Somehow, the impetus to do the errands continued when I got home so, instead of waiting until today, I started yesterday.  Thankfully, the shelves fit perfectly... as in "not an inch wiggle room" once they were both in there.

Then, the first stages of organization began...

Looks good so far... but there is a ton o' stuff on the bed in the room next door that will need dealing with today.

I discovered that I had way more fabric than I thought...  yes, the fabrics were purchased for specific projects; however, looking at it all I realized that I need to stop planning projects and get these done!  Now that everything is together instead of some in this location and some in that location and... oh wait... there's more over here... everything is in one spot where I can find it... and I won't forget that I have it!

Did take a little time to make a couple of mug rugs as a pick-me-up...

Both will be gifts...


  1. It's looking good so far. I love folding fabric, I think its part of my addiction!!

  2. When I cleared out a space for my crafty corner, and rounded up all my boxes of stash I was surprised at how much I still had. I thought I had been clearing it out..... oops.... But since I've organzied, I have a much better handle on it. When I get stuff for a special project, it goes into a huge plastic bag along with the book or pattern. So far so good....

  3. Good work on the organizing! The closet shelf in my sewing room fell, which knocked down the clothes rod, which .. made a mess!

    Also good job on the mug rugs. They would go with my pink Dollar General mug!

    It has been pouring rain here all day so I brought food and will not go out at lunch. Enjoy the rest of your Spring break.

  4. AHHH, Organizing. It's a never-ending project. Organization so quickly falls prey to entropy again and the cycle resumes.
    How long did you say you've been quilting? I think stash grows exponentially, organizing schemes change, space expands. It's a good thing!

    Actually, you have made a good start.

  5. Ah, spring must be here because the spring cleaning bug has bit! Good for you!

  6. Did you not remember that fabric - when left alone will multiply? That is my excuse - The organization looks good!

  7. So organized!!! I love it when I just get done cleaning an organizing!! BUT eventually it gets messy again! :-)

    Love the mug rugs!!