Friday, March 25, 2011


I loved the beach-y blue of Mariliz's first Bottled Rainbow block and decided that would be the first blue that I made.  

I never know how these will turn out when I start sorting through the fabric scraps... and even tho I did the "diamond in the middle"... the block does not look like the other "diamond in the middle" block...  interesting...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Exciting news here!  I got an email from Shelly of Prairie Moon Quilts...  I've won a cool book that was part of her National Quilting Day Give-away!

Am I excited or what?  My very first give-away win!   Yea me!

Thanks so much, Shelly!


  1. Very cool blue, Empress! I'm happy for your win, too, that does look like it will lead to more inspiration....

  2. The blocks looks beautiful!
    Congratulations on the win - I am sure it is just the start - so much fun!♥

  3. Wow, and the winner is.....congratulations with your book. The blue block is wonderful.

  4. Love the new blue block! Congrats on your very first win!!

  5. I love the owl fabric, so cute! Isn't it amazing how each block looks so different? I am really enjoying these blocks!

  6. Congrats on the win! Very soothing blue block...

  7. Congratultions!! I love your diamond shaped block - I think it's great that each one is unique - the owls are worth hooting about! ;-)