Sunday, May 3, 2015

UFO Update: Flower Quilt

I finally got the next UFO pinned.  Not sure why it took me so long.  Mebbe because the quilt isn't a gift so there is no hurry.  But could it a combination of "I'm getting older" and "Work is more stressful these days"???

I shopped my stash for backing and found this striped fabric, which I think goes well.  A good feeling not to have spend more $$$ to finish a quilt.

Yesterday was a "nap day" and, when I wasn't sleeping, I was resting.  Just 1.5 months left of this school year...  hope I make it.  I have a couple more heavy weeks then things will slow down some.   More stress at work these days?  Or just I'm getting too old for all this?   Who knows...   

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Next UFO

I was able to get the blocks sewn together last weekend along with the backing fabric (found in stash) and picked up some white batting after work yesterday.  Sandwiched last night, smoothing and pinning today...

Photo was taken without overhead lights, just the light from the window... I like that better.  Definitely shows where the smoothing needs to happen...

Happy Saturday!


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Break: Almost Over

It's been a good week with a lot of relaxin' and unwindin' going on.  Spending time with DD and family at the beach was lovely and just what I needed.   I did a table centerpiece for them using shells the grandgirls had brought me and added a few that I had picked up this week.

I was able to finish a second dish cloth one rainy evening while we watched television.

Before I left to drive home, I also insisted on a photo op with my SIL and his new wall hanging.

Not thrilled about going back to work on Monday but... I will be relaxed and refreshed for the sprint to the finish (aka:  the end of the school year).