Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Project: Update

In an email, Debbie of Stitchin' Therapy (link) asked if I was going to use fusible interfacing for the wall hanging project. 

At first, I didn't understand... and then the light went on!  Nope, not just a light... but an entire stadium full o' lights!

I had used a pattern to make Midi tote bags (link) that used printed fusible interfacing to speed up piecing of the fabric squares.

Thank you for the timely reminder, Debbie!!!  


I needed more fusible interfacing than I had on hand so picked some up yesterday.   Then, I got to work...

I used a length of the interfacing the width of the hanging and got all the squares ironed on.  It was neat that the ironed on squares stayed when hanging over the edge of the ironing board.

Now... I'm ready to start stitching!   This is going to be sooooo much easier than piecing one square at a time.

Did I say THANK YOU yet, Debbie???

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Little Project

A friend's birthday is today and I wanted to make a little something for her.   I found a cool tutorial to make a sewing caddy/pin cushion (link) on the Blue Patch Quilter's blog and thought I give it try.


When filling the caddy, I put steel wool at the top to help keep pins & needles sharp... and I made a bean bag to put in the bottom to give it a little weight.    I think it turned out nicely...

Sunday, March 15, 2015

UFO #2: Finished!

This morning, I finished UFO #2, which is now in the wash and will soon be all soft and crinkly.

I even drug the finished quilt out into the yard for a photo shoot... however, the photos aren't all that better than the ones I take inside.   


One good thing about having a bunch o' UFOs to finish is that one gets lots of practice quilting.  This is the first quilt I can say that I think I'm getting better!   Perfect?  No...  but no one will notice anything once it's out of the soft and crinkly machines!

For inquiring minds who want to know what's on the back since that was the hold up getting this finished...


Now.... onto UFO #3!    Uhm, I can't remember which project is UFO #3... will have to check.   *lol*