Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Quilt Show (part three)

Another quilt my eye was immediately drawn to was this one...

Blue Kaffe Fassett prints... what's not to like?

Another interesting quilt was this heavily quilted entry.

The center panel was embroidered and there is a pleated ruffle between each panel.

Very pretty but I would find it difficult to use this type quilt... 

Another mini.... this one appliqued.  You can get an idea of the size by the pin holding the label to the quilt.   I forgot to get a photo of the whole label... there were 5-6 people in the little nook the minis were displayed.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Quilt Show (part two)

There was one intriguing quilt that was hung so that the farthest you could get away from it straight on was four feet... so it was impossible to get a photo of the entire quilt.   I was lucky to get any photos because of the crowd.


I took this photo at eye-level (and I ain't short) so it will give you some idea of how large it was.  I figure "eye-level" is appx. 5'6".... you can see the top of the quilt at the far side... and where the quilt is draped onto the floor at the bottom.   Yup... it is a big one!

What made this quilt interesting was that it was made from antique Dresden quilt blocks found in 1967... and turned into a quilt in 2013.

This photo shows one of the rescued blocks that didn't make it into the quilt.  Each Dresden plate was removed from the original background and appliqued to a new background.

Using 1930s repro fabrics, a yoyo was added to the center of the Dresdens and sashing was added.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Quilt Show

This weekend, the Sandhills Quilt Guild held their annual Quilting in the Pines quilt show (link) and I attended with two quilting buddies and a young woman who we are attempted to lure to the dark side!  *lol*  There were a nice variety of quilts and more than usual vendors.... and a LOT of people viewing quilts so it was difficult getting photos of my favorites.

I love blue & white anything and this was a charming quilt that caught my eye.

As usual, not the best photos but I did try to take clear pictures.

This quilt didn't "wow" me the first time but it did draw me back for a closer look... and it became more impressive as I studied it.

Everything.... and I mean... everything on the outside border was cut out of whole cloth and appliqued, including the basket strips/lines.  Each was appliqued separately... it was amazing.

This quilt caught my attention because it was 1) fabulous, and 2) my blogging buddy Janet O. makes minis!

Yes, this is a mini.... and here's my hand for a comparison.

There are 1406 pieces in this little quilt... and ALL the quilting was done by hand with the tiniest stitches I've seen.  At first, I thought it was machine quilted but it wasn't!

I'll share some more photos tomorrow....