Sunday, March 6, 2011

First “Bottled Rainbows” Blocks

What fun this is… not that I expected it NOT to be… but when I finished with a block, not only does it look cool… it’s already quilted!   

First, I sashed the neutral center.

Then, after making the quilt sandwich, I pinned the sashing before laying out / fiddling with the scraps, trying to make them look good...

Even though I glued the blocks down, I added some straight pins "just in case" and as a way to pin-baste the center.  I used my walking foot because I was sewing through multiple layers... worked like a charm!  I then stitched around the center block... 1/4" from the seam.

Looked good when I finished and de-linted it...

...and the back looked cool!

Today, I’m going to take my Michael’s coupon and get me a pinking rotary cutter.  I have been putting it off but now I have a good reason to get one because I would like my pinked edges to be straighter…  however, I still see a need for my pinking shears.

Just HAD to do another block…  so I did!

Now I kinda have the hang of it, let’s see how many I can get finished today…


  1. These are really, really nice! Each block will have such a unique look - like a cleaner, modern version of the crazy quilt? It's certainly a very nice way to use scraps - and a reason to keep hanging on to them! Since you are attaching them right to the batting, how will the whole quilt be finished? (Sorry for my possibly silly question - I'm sew new at this!) Thank you!

  2. Aren't they fun? Red is my favorite color, but your pink square is so cute with the flower in the corner.

  3. What a great idea! I love the selection of fabrics in your red block and the quilting that shows up on the back. And I'm interested in how the blocks will be attached.
    Now you've got me thinking about all those little scraps I've been tossing out!

  4. I love your blocks. Nice job. It looks like it went fast. How many are you going to make? Hugs

  5. The blocks are looking really good. it will be fun to see this quilt come together.

  6. I Love, LOVE the blocks!! I love that you are quilting as you go, I'm definitely leaning towards doing the same. Great job with the scrap design.

  7. Cute! And it's coupon commotion time at Joanne's and I've been wondering if I need a pinking cutter... and now I guess I do!

  8. I love this idea. Your blocks look great and i can't wait to see how it goes along