Monday, March 7, 2011

Two More Blocks

One never seems to accomplish one's lofty goals... and I didn't yesterday.  I had wanted to get four blocks finished but, when I decided on that number, I had forgotten how involved making just one block is.  So I only accomplished half my goal... two blocks completed.

First, the dark pink / raspberry block...

...and then, the cerise block...

I'm trying to move to more triangles but it's hard for me to plan that shape... not sure why.  Maybe I'll find it easier on the orange/gold/yellow blocks.  We'll see...

By the way, I think these would make stunning place mats!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It's warming up slowly but I don't think I'm ready for summer heat yet...  need some transitional Spring weather first with some Spring flowers too!


  1. You are really coming along with your rainbow blocks. They look so Spring like. Love your Daffodils. Hugs

  2. Your blocks are beautiful. There is certainly a lot of work involved in each one. Love the daffodils - they certainly let us know spring has arrived.

  3. Oh do I ever love that pink color! Rich and gorgeous! Blocks are beautiful!! BUT I really love the daffodils. Oh I can't wait until I see a few popping up here!! :-)

  4. They are coming along great. I hope my solids come soon, so I join you!!

  5. Blockhead....all due respect 'n' stuff..

  6. What gorgeous blocks...this is going to be a lovely quilt...

  7. Very very nice. You've done a marvelous job. The triangles will come in time. Do you just use glue stick and then outline stitch them?
    I might have to jump in on this. LOL AS IF I need any new projects.

  8. Those 2 blocks turned out beautifully. I think 2 is plenty to get done at one time.

    I'm not ready for summer either. I still haven't gotten over last summer's heat!

  9. LOVE those blocks! Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em!