Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yesterday was a good day...

...made better because, when I got home, there were TWO packages with fabric waiting for me!  The first was the fabric to finish the Lilac Hill quilt... the dark lilac purple for the inner border (then the pieced border) and the lovely green print for the outer border.  Sorry for the poor color in the photo... the fabrics are much lovelier in real life.

...and the fabric for the backing.  Deciding on the backing took much longer than the borders... but I think this one will work best.

The second package was from a new blogging friend Chris of Weekend Wisdom who was kind enough to share some of her scappy strips.   All the fabrics are gorgeous but look at these black ones... the tree fabric has SILVER on it!

There are fabrics I know will make it into one or other of the Bottled Rainbow blocks....

...and others that will turn into mug rugs or a string quilt.

Yup, I'm a scrappy kinda girl... so many possibilities!   Thanks, Chris!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The next Friday Night Sew In (FNSI) is scheduled for March 18th.  I plan to put the borders on the Lilac Hill quilt top (started at the January FNSI.)  It's fun to sew when you know a lot of others are sewing at the same time... but the best part is blog hopping the next day to see what everyone worked on!


  1. I love your lavendar quilt. The colors are fantastic. Hugs

  2. Squishies are always a lot of fun!

  3. All such beautiful fabrics!!

  4. Oooh, trees, silver, glittery....ooooohhh!!