Tuesday, March 15, 2011

School Bus Yellow

I tried something a bit different with this block and am not sure it was all that successful.  I certainly have a deficit of scraps in this color but enough to get by.

Mebbe it would have worked better without the square in the bottom left corner... who knows?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today's mug rug...



  1. I love geometric shapes! Wouldn't it be fun to include even more? The center diamond is especially nice :-) This must be a great project for the end of winter because you can really get a feel for spring and summer! I love your mug rug!! What size do you make? 6x9?

  2. Your mug rug certainly depicts the March winds and perfect kite weather. Your yellows look great and the square in the corner fits with all the other shapes.

  3. Your quilt is going to look amazing! I love seeing the progress.
    I also love how you do the binding on your mug rugs.♥

  4. I love your yellow and orange blocks! Yellow and orange were never my favorite colors but they're certainly growing on me. Purple...still not so much. :)

    I really love the diagonal pieces on the yellow block!!