Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Raw Edge Machine Appliqué

Now that I have TWO of the Bible BOM, the pressure is on to get these blocks done before #3 arrives at the end of March.

Last night, while doing an online search for tutorials to help this new appliqué-er with her first project, I came across Alex Anderson on Simply Quilts....

...who discussed machine appliqué with Sue Nickels who demonstrated her technique for raw-edge machine appliqué….

…and the second video showing how Ms Nickels chooses thread and how to use a buttonhole stitch to sew the fused appliqué onto the block.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In other news:  Pleasant Home is giving away an AccuQuilt GO! Baby.   Don't bother signing up because I am sure to win...   *lol*


  1. Hi - your Bible BOM is going to be great - I love the animal shapes.... thanks for your kind comment on my post on Sew We Quilt - glad you enjoyed the tut ... and the snacks...

  2. No matter what form of applique you use I'm sure your quilt will be beautiful. Hugs

  3. Thanks for the links. I am a new applique'r also so am definitely going to give them a watch.

  4. I love my Accuquilt Go cuttter. I have issues with my hands and it has been a blessing! Good luck!

  5. We're attending a Mardi Gras party on Saturday. May I borrow your tiara?