Friday, July 8, 2011

Thursday Fun

The granddaughters came over to play while their mom had several errands to run....  so not much sewing got done yesterday, although I cleaned the frig and cleaned and oiled my sewing machine. 

I had recently read a post on Naptime Quilter that showed how to make a lint brush using pipe cleaner / chenille stem and a drinking straw so you can reach into the little nooks and crannies of your machine and get all those pesky dust bunnies... it works very well!  

The pipe cleaners were in the cellophane bag on the kitchen table and the girls asked what they were... so I showed them what you can do with them!

We started off with a sunflower...  Emma had to make her own because she's big now, you see!
Then we made puppy dogs...

... and dog houses, a table, food and water bowls, and balls for the puppies to play with.  The puppies each broke a leg...  *oh no* we had to make casts for them.  We spelled out their names... Chloe made a guitar, so Emma had to.   Then there were swords constructed followed by sword "fights"...  Amazing what a small bag of pipe cleaners can lead to!

I also had some ripe bananas and peaches and subbed the peaches for blueberries in one of my favorite recipes:  Blueberry Banana Nut Oatmeal Bread.   Made a dozen muffins and two small loaves of the quick bread.

As you can see there are not a dozen muffins left...  the girls and I enjoyed them while we played games!


  1. Baking and grandkids--that can make up for a "no quilting" day! Yummy looking recipe. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Seems all grandkids love to make crafts and bake. Such sweet little girls. Quilt another day. Today is for making sweet, wonderful, lasting memories for the little ones.

  3. Sweet and cute!! What a fun time!!!

    Yummy bread and muffins!! Wish I could smell them too! :-)

  4. Look at all the IMAGINATION that came out of a little bag of pipe cleaners! (Kinda like the toys back when I was young ;)
    What a great time to share with them.

  5. What a don't need very much to have a great day. And those muffins looks yammie..;o)

  6. Too fun! And those girls are so pretty!

    I'm going to try that recipe. A friend gave me a bunch of blueberries from her yard yesterday and I'd like to do something with them besides eat them by the handfulls!

  7. Your granddaughters are so cute! Its so much fun creating with grandkids! I wish I could be near mine more. I love baking and creating with them!!!

  8. Pipe cleaners and homemade muffins! Fun, fun, fun!

  9. Looks like a lot of fun was happening at your house!! Your breads look yummy!

  10. Such a fun Grandma! The bread looks marvelous. Thanks for sharing!