Sunday, July 17, 2011

CW Block 29: Railroad Crossing

One of the easier blocks posted so far, I made it complicated by fussy cutting...

I remembered that I had purchased a set of acrylic fussy cutting templates at the quilt show last summer!  The 3.5" template certainly made cutting out the center block much simpler.

Hmmm...  52 - 29 =  23 blocks left to go!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Yesterday afternoon, I did some non-fussy cutting...

...chain piecing will be happening today!


  1. And the fussy-cutting was worth it--nice block. Love the eagle in the center.
    So what are you doing with all of the non-fussy-cut plaids?

  2. Another beautiful block....I love your use of fabrics, how you play with the patern.

  3. You make even the most simple of blocks into a piece of art! This quilt is going to be a treasure.

    Ooooh, plaid! This is interesting.....

  4. CW block #29 - yeah baby!!!! EXCELLENTLY gorgeous.

  5. Stunning, I really like your fussy cut, must keep an eye out for one of those templates, as you say makes it a lot simpler.

  6. Love your fussy cut block - see...good thing you bought those templates!!

  7. Nice fussy cut! You are over half way!!!