Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Design Wall Wednesday

I was good yesterday and didn't even turn on my sewing machine!  Two of the blogs I follow are posting about decluttering and I was inspired to start tackling my dump house.  Paraphrasing one post, all this STUFF didn't appear overnight and it won't go away overnight.... I'll just keep working on decluttering and it will get done eventually!

I did get all the Smokey Mountain Stars blocks up on the design wall...

For a big piece o' flannel held up by skirt hangers over a hall closet, I have to say my improvised design wall does pretty good....  only one block fell off all day.


  1. This looks so great! I told you this was a design I have considered doing before--this makes me want to even more!! Such a cool looking quilt from such basic components--half snowballs (as I call them) and solid squares. Wonderful!!

  2. I think you're gonna make someone very happy with this quilt....
    Greetings, Roos

  3. Wow, you get so much done! Your design wall is great. I usually have to use a bed, but then people keep needing to sleep in the bed, so I have to move it! LOL

    I've been decluttering too. Must be something in the air. Last weekend I tackled the mud room and my husband came home and exclaimed, "We've been robbed!". It looks so much better.

    Have another great July day off from work today!

  4. I've always loved these stars, but haven't ever made a quilt with them. Better add that to my looooong list! If you need some help knocking those blocks off of your flannel, I will send my cats over to visit - I have to pin mine up because they think it's fun to pull them down!

  5. This quilt reminds me a bit of houndstooth fabric, it has a nice look to it with those diagonal lines running through it.

  6. This will be a nice, soft, warm, cuddly quilt when you finish. Very pretty :)