Saturday, July 9, 2011

Squishy in the Mail

I've been following Quiltwerk in Uitvoering, the blog of a wonderful quilter who does almost all sewing and quilting by hand!  Yes, that's right... every stitch by hand!  Not only is Roos working on a Dear Jane quilt and a tulip quilt, she is also making spoolblocks... all by hand! 

 Spoolblock quilt top in progress by Roos

Roos is making steady progress with this project because she carries a spoolblock kit (made from an empty mint tin) with her and sews blocks whenever she has a chance...   on the train or on break at work, for example.

 Traveling spoolblock kit by Roos

In addition to her folding scissors, needle, thread, Roos has precut fabric so she can stitch away any time she has a few minutes.  

Not only do I think the spoolblocks are so cool and are going to make a beautiful quilt, I like that the spoolblock kit is always handy and ready for Roos to pull out and sew a block or two. 

Well, guess what came in the mail today?

Mug of coffee did not come in the package...  :)

Not only did Roos send me the pattern for the spoolblocks AND my very own traveling spoolblock kit with fabric and folding scissors... she send me a beautiful tulip mug rug... all hand sewn and quilted!  

I've had a smile on my face all day!   I even cut out some fabric to attempt my first spoolblock.   I think I'm going to need a LOT of practice...


  1. Very clever idea to use a mint tin. For years I kept a bag of hexies in my purse--called it my "lady-in-waiting" project. But I love the tin idea. The spools are very fun and I love that tulip mug rug.

  2. *U* I'm blushing from ear to ear....

  3. What a creative quilter....using the tin to carry crafting supplies. Nothing would get crushed or lost. And look at all the lovely handwork!

  4. Oh lucky you! Watch out...I find handpiecing and handquilting to be quite relaxing...and can be addictive. I am currently working on a huge handwork project but I am tempted by the spools.

  5. What a wonderful gift! I love the idea of hand sewing my blocks! After all, women have done it for a very long time!

  6. How nice!!! I can understand your permasmile!! :-) Looks like you'll be starting a new project.

  7. What a wonderful friend you have. A very clever idea for a hand project on the go. Hugs.

  8. I love spool quilts and have one on my to do list but will probbly cheat and make mine with half square triangles.