Monday, July 18, 2011

Adventures in Plaids

Two years ago, I made a quilt for my niece who was graduating from college.  This was my first quilt and started me on the quilting road.  

One small problem... I have two nieces and two nephews who have graduated from college with no quilt from their aunt and another who graduates from college this year.  So, this year's challenge is The Niece and Nephew Quilt Project.

I have been collecting homespun plaids to use with Bonnie Hunter's Smokey Mountain Stars quilt pattern, along with two Moda Bella solids from my stash.  One of the solids is parchment and I don't recall what the other is... just that it's about the same value as the parchment but a little more golden.

Photo by Bonnie Hunter from her website

I cut out all the fabrics on Friday...

...and yesterday, I started sewing!  

Bonnie "double sews" blocks and saves the corners for another project.  I have no idea of how or what to use all those HSTs that will finish at 1.5" but I decided to give it a go.

It turns out that it's not as fiddle-y as I thought... and was actually easier than sewing a smaller square to a larger square because the two squares were already attached and all the big squares were chained pieced and still together.

After all the plaid squares were sewn to the 26 solid squares...

I moved on to the plaids...

The 42 plaid squares have two squares attached so it took a while but was do-able in one session.

Yup... lots and lots of fraying threads with homespuns!

I'm not sure what I'll do with all the little HSTs... I'll have 304 of those puppies when I'm done... but I'm sure I'll think of something!

Today I will be working on the 97 solid squares that get two of the small plaid squares.  

I think that will be enough for one day, don't you?


  1. Your first quilt was Beautiful! Loved the colors!
    This year's projects, coming along nicely. Lots of little squares in that pile:)
    Congratulations to all the graduates!

  2. think it's going to be very nice! Interesting idea to 'double' sew the triangles.

  3. That is one of Bonnie's patterns that I have been planning to do "Someday". I was thinking I might do it with the men's shirts, just to avoid all of the fraying of the homespun. I do love it, and you seem to be making rapid progress. Keep us posted!

  4. You did a lot in one day indeed, pff..;o) It's an awesom patern you're gonna make Freda, I'm curious how yours turnes out.

  5. LOVE IT!!! I love all of Bonnie's quilts and can't wait to see yours!

  6. Your first quilt looks lovely - love the colours. I am a fan of Bonnie's quilts and her scrap systems and I have many bonus hsts waiting in the wings to be used! Can't wait to see how your quilt turns out.

  7. It's going to be so pretty. I love all the homespuns!! You'll have a mini quilt too when you're done!!!

  8. That's a really neat idea to sew that double seam and end up with extra small block.

    The final quilt will be perfect for one of your nephews. Sounds like you have some very lucky nieces and nephews.

  9. The homespuns will make a nice soft, snuggly quilt once it is washed.

  10. Looks fantastic. Happy sewing! That pattern looks great with plaids....good to see your photos....maybe plaids aren't so scary to work with afterall.

  11. This will be a beautiful quilt. I know you will find a project for the HSTs.