Friday, February 11, 2011

Potholder Planning

To my way of thinking, potholders are nothing more than a mug rug with thicker batting in the middle.  An easy project, yes?

The other day, I came across a post by Tanya (Ottawa, Ontario) on her blog Sew Many Dreams about a pair of pot-holders she made using a Martha Stewart tutorial on Heart-shaped Pot Holders.

Tanya tweaked the instructions a bit and used less Valentine-y fabrics (including denim) and I thought her potholders turned out very nicely.

One thing I particularly liked was the pockets on the back of the potholder you can slip your thumb and fingers into for added security while tussling with hot pots and pans…. a pretty cool idea!  I think I'll quilt the main part of the potholder before adding the pockets and binding.

I’m debating making the heart-shaped potholders… or making a couple of rectangular-shaped potholders with the pockets on one side…  I really like that “pocket” idea… and a rectangular potholder could double as a hot pad.


  1. I like the pocket idea, too. I've never liked the big bulky potholder mitts but many times wish I had just a tad more protection than the basic potholder gives. These you are making are just the thing!

  2. Great idea with the pocket. I think the hearts are just darling and useful too!