Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mug Rugs (part 2)

This past weekend while browsing quilt blogs, I ran across a post by Ryan Walsh of I’m Just A Guy Who Quilts about how to make a mug rug.  Since I had been trying to figure out exactly what's the best size to make mug rugs… I finally found an answer!  

So, instead of doing stuff that needs to get done… I made another mug rug, this time appx 7”x10” using stuff in my scrap bins.

I machine stitched down the binding b/c I’m either too lazy to hand stitch something that will be used and tossed in the wash frequently, OR… I would feel guilty hand sewing a quick project when I have so much else that needed doing… including a friend coming over for lunch!  I called it “practicing stitching in the ditch!”

House Dragon shared that she uses a decorate stitch on her machine to sew down the binding...  and a light bulb went on!  So I had to try that too...
Speaking of LUNCH… I made the Chicken & Wild Rice Soup recipe from Crazy Vegas Mom’s blog. 
True comfort food and especially nice on a chilly winter’s day... and great to take to work for lunch during the week!   


  1. Soup looks so yummy! Love the mug rugs. I need to get with the program and make one myself!! :-)

  2. I love those mug rugs, I think I need one too.HAHA.
    Love the collors

  3. I taught the girls, ages 3 and 5, to make mug rugs today. They had a blast. I hope to get a blog post up about it after dinner. The soup does look great and would be perfect with all this crazy ice covering everything around here.

  4. i hope you liked the soup. its one of my favs during the winter. VERY CUTE mugrugs!!!

  5. I love the mug rugs, they are quick and easy and instant gratification. Yours are very cute, good job. I'm going to have to try that recipe...mmmm, it looks yummy.

  6. MMMMM...That soup looks so yummy! I'm going to go there and get the recipe.... this would be a good soup for tomorrow. It's supposed to be a little chilly again.