Saturday, February 12, 2011


...that's what my friend Deborah (of the Knoxville Quilt Show adventure) and I are doing today:  Fabric Acquisition Road Trip!

 Deborah on the pedestrian mall in Knoxville 

We both need some serious fabric therapy for a dozen reasons totally unrelated to sewing/quilting.... and JoAnn's is having a big SALE!  And we have COUPONS!  

We'll also hit Trader Joe's and Whole Foods before heading back to our neck o' the woods.

For those of you who didn't know what F.A.R.T. stood for and were wondering what in the heck???    *lol*'s a list of some quilting acronyms found online that I find a bit amusing...

FART:  Fabric Acquisition Road Trip

Frogging (or frog stitching):  using a seam ripper to remove stitches... rip it, rip it.... (around here "frogging" has a different connotation so I about fell over when I first heard this term from House Dragon)

PhD:  Project Half Done (as in: I'm working on my PhD)

PIGS:  Projects In Grocery Sacks

SABLE:  Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy

SEX:  Stash Enhancing eXperience (or eXcursion)

STASH:  Special Treasures All Secretly Hidden

SUI:  Shopping Under Influence  (usually the "evil" influence of a friend)

TOAD:  Trashed Object Abandoned in Disgust

UFO:  UnFinished Object

WIP:  Work In Progress

WISP:  Work In Slow Progress

WIVSP:  Work In Very Slow Progress

WIWMI:  Wish It Would Make Itself

WOMBAT:  Waste of Money, Batting, And Time

WWIT:  What Was I Thinking?

Yo-Yo:  a circle of fabric, gathered and sewn into a puffy circle;  also refers to the person who makes them

401 F:  Fabric for Retirement

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. Oh, my! What a list! I was laughing before I was halfway through. (And I thought I was the only one with a 401F ;)

    So, please tell about the road trip! What treasures did you find?

  2. ha ha..these are great. I will have to use these in conversation with my sewing friends. Thanks for posting them!

  3. This is totally excellent! Would you mind if I link it via my facebook page? I don't think I have any creepy friends. Well, no creepier than I am.....

  4. PIGS made me snort. Really. Too funny!

  5. You are SO funny! I am adding you to my follow list. Can I post this list on my blog and send people back to you?