Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's About That Time

The sign up for the FNSI is now open and I’m looking forward to joining in along with hundreds of talented folks on February 18th.  

Although I was "home alone" sewing in January, it was cool to know that others were sewing at the same time.  It was great fun to visit everyone’s blogs the next day to see what folks had been working on.

I have two projects underway and will work on one or the other...   I would like to get all the Lilac Hill blocks laid out and then sewn together on the 18th so I’ll be ready when the yardage becomes available next month….  I need to decide on which two fabrics to order for the borders and how much I’ll need of each.

Another project that needs working on is the flower border of the pink double 4-patch quilt top.  Math will be involved…

I’m looking forward to February 18th….  you should consider joining the Friday Night Sew In if you can!  Way fun and there is a give-away involved for those participating...

Can Spring be far away?


  1. It sounds like so much fun, I think I might join in as well. I love the projects you are working on!! :-)

  2. Thanks for mentioning it; must go sign up now. The previous one was my first time and it was fun! I love the projects you're working on.

  3. I love the pink quilt. It's so sweet!

    Also, I've added your name to the "5 Things" game, if you'd like to play. Just post about the five things you'd never leave home without! Stop by my blog to see.

    Looking forward to seeing your FNSI accomplishments. You certainly are an inspiration to me :)

  4. I love seeing what all you have been working on. I'm super glad I started to follow you because I found the sign ups for the next FNSI! Last one was my first as well and I had so much fun knowing I was sewing away while others were doing the same.