Monday, February 14, 2011

Being Crafty

The scrap bin created by Chris of Weekend Wisdom is brilliant imho... and knew I could use something like that when I’m sitting on the living room sofa, watching a movie, and hand-sewing quilt binding.  I typically just put the bits of thread on the arm of the sofa and, when done, gather them all up to dispose of.  But having a bin would be so convenient… not only handy but MUCH more attractive than having a nest of threads on the sofa arm.

So, yesterday afternoon was craft time!

I pulled out my can of spray glue, which can be used on “paper, cardboard, plastic, fabric, wood, photos, metal, wrapping paper, and tissue paper.”  I particularly like the “30-minute” drying time.  
 (I am in no way, shape, form, or manner affiliated with Aleene’s products or any craft store.)

Chris’ directions are clear and the photos helpful.  I tweaked them a bit since I was using spray glue.

See the wrinkles on the right side of the tissue box?  Because the glue is tacky at first, I was able to lift the fabric off the box and reposition it easily.

Yes, I got some glue on my fingers but I didn't have to wash my hands until I was finished gluing the fabric to the box.

I stood the tissue box on its end and let it dry under the ceiling fan while I returned my attention to the laundry.

The only thing "challenging" about the Velcro was fitting the box under the arm of my sewing machine on one side.

I like that the bin folds up and may be taken to classes and retreats.  It’s pretty, too!


  1. It turned out great! Now wasn't that a fun project?

  2. My sofa gathers also all kinds off threads and a bin is a good idea.

  3. Boy that turned out so nice. Scrap bin is such a great idea. Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. WAY cute! Thanks for sending me an update. Can I post your finished on on my blog when I collect a few more photos?

  5. Let's cut through the scrap: that is one fabulous fabric-lined box!

  6. Wonderful - so pretty and practical!