Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Challenge

Still practicing on my mitered corners and machine quilting and it’s coming along well.  Made three mug rugs yesterday afternoon and evening… and while I was satisfied with them, I knew I wasn’t stretching myself.  I’ve been reading on blogs about choosing fabrics outside one’s comfort zone and remembered that I had gotten some really WILD and LOUD prints in a scrap bag from my LQS…  nice fabrics, just ones I’d never buy on my own.

Let me tell you that making that fourth mug rug was a struggle…  I wasn’t sure about the fabric scraps I chose to go together or the arrangement.  I almost needed sunglasses to work with the fabrics.  Once done, although I’d never have thought I would like the results… I did.

What do you think?  This mug rug would certainly wake me up in the morning!

Here are the other “more traditional” mug rugs I made. 

You’d think I’d have a huge stack by now but I don’t… five have gone out as birthday gifts and some of these will be Valentine’s gifts… and they didn’t really cost me anything except a little time in the evenings… and my mitered corners are looking pretty good!


  1. The bright one will wake you up for shure, my faforite is the bleu-brown one.

  2. Your corners are looking lovely! I love the fruit fabric. It is a great way to use fabric, that you might otherwise not use.

  3. I'd recommend regular not decaf coffee be served with that latest mug rug-in keeping with the theme.