Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Letting Go

A coworker and her hubby of less than a year recently purchased their first home.  Being young and hip is very much reflected in their décor and I do like it.  

I thought I’d make them several mug rugs as a house warming gift… and have been trying to expand my “little old lady” style to a more hip and happenin’ mode.  It hasn’t been easy.   

First, I tried to loosen up with wild prints with strong colors but had a hard time with the design and quilting part… still kinda “old fogey-ish”…  so tonight… I quilted without painter’s tape or following seams and not much planning… it was weird to let go but it turned out pretty good, I thought.

Then I tried another… but, when sewing together scraps to make a back for the mug rug, I liked the back better than the front.  So I let go and went with the flow… even used lime green thread to do the quilting.

Not sure if Renee will like the mug rugs…   it was certainly interesting trying not to be so structured and organized!


PS – Ian has been serving in Afghanistan since last October and will be home to Renee and his new, never-seen-in-real-life home this weekend.


  1. I bet she will love them! IU especially like the lime green one!

  2. I'm in the same boat. I live in an earth-toned world. But this week I tried pink and orange and lilac! What size do you make your mug rugs?

  3. Beautiful pic of them! I love the mug rugs! I'm sure she will too! So thoughtful of you.

  4. I'm betting she'll love them. I'm pretty smitten with the green and black one myself.

  5. All your mug rugs are so unique from each other. I especially like the black and green one. Very hip!
    Your friend is sure to love it.

    I also like the details in the machine quilting on your mug rugs. The zig-zag pattern in one of your older posts is really nice as well.

  6. My favorite its green and black! What sweet gifts.