Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Sewing Room: Almost One Year Later

The reorganization of the sewing room much needed and, thanks to the many, many sites showing redone/reorganized quilting/sewing studios I found online, I was able to make good decisions about what I needed from the get-go.  Of course, there has been some tweaking as I discovered what worked and what didn’t work so well.   To keep things honest here, I did not clean up before taking the photos.  Please note that I’m in the middle of working on a pink & white double-four patch quilt top…  that’s why you’ll see a bunch o’ pink fabrics!

Former beading table, now cutting table with bins for scraps underneath. I used bed risers to lift the table to a better cutting height for me. Long but "short in height" plastic bin on top of the scrap bins to put fabrics I'm currently using.... sometimes...   

I moved the beading storage to the right of the cutting table, which comes in handy as an additional surface to place stuff (for example, rotary cutter and rulers) when cutting.  I purchased another taller drawer unit to go on the right of the sewing machine where sewing notions, tools, and supplies were place.  It is much easier to look for a particular sewing item there than having to go over to the closet all the time and look thru plastic boxes.

Sewing table... put narrow folding table behind it to help support quilts being quilted... it’s turning out to be more of a "handy storage area"...  *lol*   ...actually, the table is earning its keep as a sewing table extension.

Opened closet doors w/ growing fabric stash...

Other part of closet w/ more fabric stash...

To the right of the cutting table w/ several UFOS on top of the “bead storage tower” and some of the stash and scraps I pulled out for the pink quilt I'm working on now.  To the right of the filing cabinet is my computer/desk.

A mess to be sure but a workable mess where I was able to tackle and complete The Grandbaby Quilt Project!