Sunday, January 16, 2011

Grandbaby Quilt #3

Henry is a charmer.  The only member of his nuclear family with blue eyes, Henry has clearly inherited a lot from my side of the family… including the hyperactivity/impulsivity.   “Sits still” is not something one would ever say about Henry and it’s clear his mind is going 100 mph every single moment he’s awake.  This is a child who, as a preschooler, used a screwdriver to remove hinges from doors in his house.  Scaling kitchen cabinets as well as climbing out windows were “sports” for Henry from an early age and he is an accomplished escape artist.  His mother will become a rich and famous author when she publishes a book about rearing Henry!  (If you run into my DIL Claire, do ask her to share some of her Henry stories… including the story about Henry and the mounted police officers!)

Today’s digression:  The kids recently added a darling Goldendoodle to the family. Gussie is the sweetest dog ever with the biggest feet.  I have the feeling she is gonna be a BIG puppy when she finishes growing!  Henry and Gussie have become fast friends… there was a match made in heaven!

Unsure about a quilt pattern for my little Houdini, I knew I had found THE answer when I found the H-block quilt pattern on  

What could be more perfect?  I loved all the H’s and, as a co-worker pointed out to me… the H’s and the (H lying on its side) I’s could stand for hyperactive/impulsive!   Perfect… I only wish I had thought of that myself.    My psych buddies are the best!

I love the way Henry’s quilt turned out… and Cathy, my long-arm quilter loved it as well… so much that she’s going to make an H-block quilt for her next project!

Again the late November sun did a number on the true fabric colors but you can get the idea.   And, yes… that’s a big “H” on the quilt back!  

After completing three different quilts for boys, it was time to turn to quilts for little girls!  What a difference…  pinks and flowers and butterflies and all sorts of girlie stuff… what fun that was!


  1. Ooopsie, someone already suggested that. nevermind.

  2. Did I ever tell you, SLS, that I love your "oopsies"???