Friday, January 28, 2011


The 4-patch blocks went together well but, even tho I was careful about a ¼” seam, some squares appeared to be cut smaller… very weird.   A good thing I had planned on extra ones.  (The odd sized 4 patch blocks will be put to another use… I’m thinking: mug rugs!)

I don’t know why I didn’t think to cut a 4.5” strip of fabric to make the larger squares when I had the pinks unfolded to cut the 2.5” strips…  dumb-de-dum-dum.....  *rolling eyes*

Anyhoo…  made it through the cutting process again and started sewing the double 4-patch blocks together.  Of course, when I’d finished… I just had to lay them out on the living room floor!

After admiring the layout for a while, I started sewing the blocks together into rows..

Somehow, that’s not as much fun as making the 4-patches…


  1. I love this pattern! Very cool how entertaining a four patch can be!

  2. Oh Very very pretty!! The layout is beautiful!

  3. Beautiful! Love the tones in your fabrics and the layout. Will you finish it with the flower border shown in a previous post?

  4. You've made amazing progress. Looks so pretty already!!

  5. Double 4-Patch is easy isn't it? And what a striking quilt it makes when together.