Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Next Quilt

After completing the baby quilt, it was odd not to have a quilt project in the planning stages.  I had been thinking about and planning for the Grandbaby Quilt Project for over a year and now... nothing in the works.  So, what do I do?  Why yes!  I went surfing!  I enjoy Google-ing "quilts" or "blue quilts" or "vintage quilts" and seeing what images come up.  A great way to spend a few minutes while waiting for a meeting to start or a class change.
Then, one day in mid-December, I came across the blog for Fat Cat Quilts and this lovely king-size quilt:

and was intrigued by the flower border...
Shopped my stash and scrap bins and found I had insufficient pinks to make this so...  YES!  I had to buy more fabric!   *lol*

I did the math for the quilt while I waited for the pink fabrics to arrive...

Even started to work out the pieced flower border...

Then the fabrics showed up on my doorstep...

Even though I ordered the pinks online, I wasn't disappointed in a single print or color.... and I loved the fabric therapy that ensued!

Calculations made, fabric on hand...  ready to go!


  1. I loved that quilt so much too!! I can't wait for you to show your progress! The border is the best because it looks so much like applique. Beautiful pink just showed up at your doorstep??? :-)

  2. Double four patch is one of my favorites!!

  3. What a bright collors. I think it's gonna be a lovely quilt and yes the border is beautiful.
    Greatings from Holland

  4. I knew the minute I saw that border that it was a Pam Bono design. She used to live here in Colorado before moving to Georgia (was it? I'm drawing a blank). Cute quilt.