Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fine-motor Block

I share my office-cubicle with a lovely young woman named Chrissy, who has the most adorable little boy named Alex. 

Knowing that I was kinda handy around a sewing machine, one Friday afternoon in the office Chrissy asked if I could make a fine-motor block for her son.  She’d had one as a little girl and loved it… and wanted Alex to have one too; however, she had not be able to find one anywhere.   She did a very good job explaining exactly what was on her “fine motor block” was so I knew what she wanted.  Chrissy gave me carte blanche as to fabrics, etc… so off I went to raid my fabric remnants.  This is what I came up with….

“A” is for Alex

“C” is for Chrissy

Lace up and tie



Velcro pocket

…with a goldfish!

No, I won’t be going into production with these… but I’m glad to know that the fine motor block was played with and enjoyed by Master Alex and his mom!  


  1. Very, very cute... and destined to be used and loved and remembered... just like Mom's!

  2. What an awesome toy! You should do a tutorial for it. I bet many would love to know how you did it.