Monday, January 24, 2011

A Scrappy Kinda Day

After sewing together the previously cut jelly roll strips together and slicing-and-dicing them into sections for a pieced inner border for the FNSI blocks, I was in a scrappy mood and decided that I needed to make a mug rug.  

Dug into my scrap bins and ended up with five… count ‘em… FIVE mug rugs.   I wasn’t sure what size to make them so I tried several to see how they turned out.  I figure… like WHO cares what size you make ‘em.  Started out with 4”x6” and ended up with 5”x7”… should work don’t you think?

I wish I did better top stitching… nothing like a photo to point out skill deficits.  But again… it’s gonna be used and tossed in the wash so I’m not going to worry about it!


  1. Fun mugrugs...and I like your attitude. Sometimes quilting can be taken way to seriously!

    ( the keep calm and sew on on the sidebar!)

  2. I love the mug rugs. What a great way to use up fabric scraps! I think I'll be doing that soon!

  3. I think they are wonderful! I'm of the mind that something handmade should NOT be perfect. I love the one with words. very cool.

  4. I love scrappy days. Those are my favorite. I love the mug rugs. Don't toss them. They are gorgeous!! This way if you get coffee stains on them, you won't mind as much! :-)