Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let’s Get Organized!

In March of 2010, I decided that if I were going to be serious about the Grandbaby Quilt Project, something needed to be done with my computer/sewing room… then known as “the dumping ground” or “The Black Hole”….  things went in the room never to be seen again.  The walk space was tiny because of the clutter and all sewing supplies were impossible to get to without breaking one’s neck!  I had a beading table that was essentially inaccessible.

I broke up the project into steps because the reorganization would never happen in just one weekend…. not only would it be impossible, it would be overwhelming!   First, I tackled the beading table... where there was way more than just beading stuff...

The beading table became a cutting table.  All my beading stuff went into the new white drawer unit to the left of the table.

 Then, the Bermuda Triangle of a closet…  how embarrassing!

Just removing everything was a chore.  The guest room next door became home to all the stuff until I had a chance to sort things into categories.  (The boxes in the bottom of the closet are from grad school; two of which contain the research part of my thesis.)

 At last, the bottom of the closet was cleared!

A trip to WallyWorld for drawer storage... and then some major sorting... et voila!

What a project that turned out to be… but oh so nice afterward!   And what a difference it made to both the sewing AND finding stuff processes!   

Are you wondering if the reorganization project held up over time?   Check back tomorrow… and I promise NOT to clean up the place before I take photos!


  1. It looks great -- my room is a disaster too but I won't stop to clean it up until after I get through my challenge for January!