Saturday, March 8, 2014

Yellow Snow?

I had to order backing fabric for the 16-patch project because the LQS had no solids in any permutation of white.... white, off-white, winter white, cream, etc.  So I was excited to find the package with the awaited backing on the front porch after work yesterday!

I opened the package immediately, of course, because I needed to pet some fabric after a long week.  When I saw the backing fabric,  I thought...  when is "Snow" yellow?

I don't know if it was the lights in the kitchen, the dim light from outside (it'd been raining all day), or all the white-white stuff on the table but I swear the fabric was a pale yellow!  And it still looked yellow this morning...  so I started getting ready for a road trip to the nearest JoAnn's, found my coupons, and pulled an orphan block from the 16-patch project to take with me.... and, passing the "Snow" fabric on the kitchen table on the way to my purse, I looked at the block... then I looked at the "Snow"...   hmmmm....

The "Snow" fabric is under the block and the white batting is to the right.  This photo has not been color adjusted; however, the fabric is now on the dining room table under different lighting.   Looks perfect, doesn't it?   So what's going on?   The fabric still looks like a pale yellow to me but the block blends perfectly.  Very strange....

So I'm not going on a road trip today...  I'm gonna pin and start quilting.

I'm thinking about breaking down and buying the Moda and Kona solids color cards.   Ordering online is stressful...    


  1. It does look just fine on my monitor - but I agree, ordering exactly a match on-line is always a trial. Most of the time my monitor is pretty close, except on reds! But I love the on-line prices much better than the shop prices! Oh well, such is life when you live in the sticks like I do!!

    Hope you have a very relaxing day with you wonderful 16 patch quilt! One of my favorites!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  2. Isn't that interesting! Well, I'm glad you noticed the match before you consumed your time and money with a trip to buy more. Wouldn't that have been frustrating? Still love this quilt! : )

  3. And I thought I was the only one who had trouble with stuff like this! That is why I mix in so many different values of a color....something will usually blend. Glad you saved a trip. happy pinning.

  4. Who knew there were so many different shades of white! I've been ordering some Kona white from an Etsy Shop. Each time I go back and make sure I order the same #.

    Seeing your quilt clipped down on the cutting board like that looks familiar! My table is the same today except a different quilt! Can't thank you enough for the tutorial on how to do that. I pin baste all my quilts that way now, unless its a baby quilt or small quilt, which I tape down on the table.

    Your quilt looks great!

  5. Thar has happened to be before. I remember when white was actually white. Now they have too many shades of white. Cant't wait to see your finished quilt. Hugs

  6. If it works, it works, and that's good news!

  7. It does look great with the block.......
    It is very hard ordering from just the swatches on a computer screen........
    I have the Moda solids colour chart and it is very helpful.

  8. If I did much on-line ordering I would have to invest in some of those color cards because I always wonder if what I see on-line is going to look like that when it arrives. That said... I buy several yards of Kona Snow when it goes on sale because it goes beautifully with so many fabrics. And it's great to embroider on too.

  9. I bought some fabric online called "celery" when I got it, I though "maize". OK it was just for my stash for backing so I would find something it would go with. I took it to someone else's house to discuss making a quilt and it was green! I thought I was goin crazy! So I asked someone else while they were at my house what color the fabric was and they said "kinda an ugly yellow"! But truly when that fabric leaves the house its green (its been arond a bit). I think it hates me. ;)

  10. I have found that the 'snow' color is more of what I think of as ivory. Yes, it is a bit yellowish.

  11. Looking good. Ordering white is difficult. I think sometimes the on line store has cut the wrong thing for me too. Glad what arrived is going to work. Happy basting!

  12. Am I the only (rude) person who giggled at the idea of yellow snow? tee hee

    The colours look good together, Freda, no matter what they're called. :o)