Saturday, March 22, 2014

Payback and Planning

I've been bad... I let the fabric scraps/remnants pile up on the cutting board while I moved quickly from one project to the next.  However, there comes a time when one must clear the cutting table and organize, sort, and dispose of said scraps / remnants appropriately.   So I bit the bullet and carried everything to the dining room table to give me enough space to sort and organize.

What a mess!  Most of the actual scraps too small to use have made the trip to the circular file... and I've sorted some.  The big pile on the upper left needs to be tackled next.   And since my son and family are driving up to spend the day with me tomorrow...  I need to get busy so I can clear the table off.

After the finishing the 16-patch, I thought I would take a break and make some zipper pouches to tuck away for gifting...  so sorting the above-referenced fabric was necessary because I was looking for several fabric "sets" like the grey and yellow prints in the lower right corner above.

I have some zippers on hand, ordered from kandcsupplies on Etsy.   So I just need to select fabrics and get sewing.


  1. I love your scraps. I spend one day a week going through scraps and cutting them down into strips or squares. Can't wait to see the bags you make. Hugs

  2. Okay, okay, so I NEED to get mine cleaned up too!! LOL What a fun way to use up your remnants/scraps - your little zipper bags are darling!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  3. Hey, some of those look familiar! Good on ya for sorting...sometimes I even enjoy it. I spent hours last week cleaning and sorting my colored glass rods, and it sure feels good when it's done! Btw, I have a book called "Cut the Scraps!", and it has so many wonderful ideas for organizing, cutting, and storing fabric. Enjoy your children!

  4. Oh, yes, where we come from... My Grandma made quilts. Inspiration!

  5. I'll bet some mighty pretty bags will materialize from that heap o' scraps!! : )

  6. Your bags will be wonderful gifts, I know. In the last couple of weeks, I've pulled out two big bags of red and blue scraps and am adding white to make a small quilt for the Linus Project.

  7. Tidying isn't too much fun but it always feels good when it's done ... or so I'm told! :oD