Monday, March 5, 2012

Road Trip!

The JoAnn's flyer came in the mail and there were lots and lots of coupons...

... which were valid starting yesterday!  This meant....

Once we got to....

...we realized that everyone in a 100 mile radius had the same idea we did.   Shall we say crowded?  Shall we say long wait time to have fabric cut?

"That's okay," I told myself.  "We're in no hurry... and what better place to hang out than a fabric store!"

I like to buy batting off the roll... fewer creases and wrinkles... so I picked up the bolt and headed to the cutting counter.

Parked my buggy, got my number...

and went looking for Deborah, who is my partner in crime fabric-buying road trips.  

Finally, my number was called and the man cutting fabric waved me over.  I pointed to the bolt of batting in my buggy... and he walked over to where I was parked by the "getting lots of one kind of fabric" cutting table.

Once the batting was cut, I headed to check out... and the check out line.

I had my 40% one cut of fabric coupon but it didn't work on the batting.  Seems like batting is considered "interfacing" and not "fabric."   Fortunately, I had a coupon for 40% off one "item"... so I still got the batting on sale.

All the other coupons?  Seems as if everything else in my shopping cart was already on sale...  so I passed those on to Deborah.   I still haven't figured out why there were so many coupons when everything was on sale....  oh well!

After a yummy late lunch/early dinner, we headed home... 

...and no, we didn't buy quite that much stuff!


  1. So it was all worth it as you got some bargains and a nice lunch/early dinner as well.

  2. That's what my Mother, my sewing buddy and I did Sunday! We went to Jo Ann's with coupons. We used our coupons for batting, some fat quarters and some fabrics that were not on sale. Usually we use coupons to buy spools of thread, but not today. And we bought some fabrics that were already on sale. It was a very good day for us. We saved a lot of money and had a very good time :D

  3. I swear every time I take 40% or 50% off coupons to JoAnn, everything I want is always already on sale for 20 or 30% off! Glad your trip ended up being worth it. I may be dropping in there tomorrow.

  4. I love Joann's and I love those 40% off one cut or item coupon. Can't beat that for quilt batting and fabric for quilt backings! I find that lots of the things I would use thc coupon on are already on sale too. Can you believe I got a Joann's gift card in my stocking at Christmas and still haven't gotten to the Joann's store? I've got my sales paper with coupons in a safe place. Maybe I can get there soon!

  5. Wow!
    We don't get many coupons here.
    Very rarely.
    Sounds like you had fun.

  6. I felt like I was actually walking through JoAnn's with you. I go there often with coupons in hand but try to avoid the weekends and the crowds.

  7. What a great day, and it was done in the company of a partner in fun! Sounds like you are ready for lots of fun projects.

  8. I always have the same experience at JoAnn's. Glad you had all your coupons with you so that you at least got the discount on the batting.

  9. You always make me smile!!! Love the little shopping play by play!!! Awesome bargains!!

    Have a great week!

  10. I need to run over there tomorrow and get some batting for donation quilts...

  11. I have started to take late lunches and go to JoAnn's after lunch but before work is over to miss most of the hug huge lines. But yes every time I go it is the same as you describe. By the way if you have a smart phone they have a app for that that gives you coupons. I was told they have a text coupon thing but I have yet to try that.


  12. I wish our local JoAnns has a ticket system. As much as I love that store, their customer service-(at least locally) is lousy.

  13. Sounds like you had a good time with a friend even though the lines were long. Sometimes, if it's crowded, I just pick my number ticket right when I get into the store and then do my shopping during the wait time, and by the time I'm done shopping my number is up. :) I haven't used my coupons you've made me want to go. lol

  14. Have you noticed that all magazines at JoAnn are always 10% off? This is so you can never use a coupon to buy one. If I don't get to the store right when they open at 9:00, I give up. The lines are always long and they never seem to have enough people working.

  15. My local "Big Box Store" is having 30% off all fabric and all yarn yesterday and today; guess where I'll be going when WM gets home from work?