Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's All Karen's Fault!

...yup, Karen of Lisnaweary Quilts tagged me!  Caught me when I wasn't looking... and now... I have to do two things:

1)  Answer the 11 questions she sent me, and
2)  Tag 11 other bloggers, sending them 11 questions to answer!

So, here we go...

1. What is your most treasured possession?

"Possession" rules out human beings, I'm assuming...    it's funny but I've gotten to a point in my life where things aren't all that significant but last December when my sewing machine was out of commission and my computer came down with the blue screen of death... I learned that I would have a very hard time living without either of those two items.

2. Chocolate or crisps? Coffee or tea?

If I have to pick one and only one of each... then chocolate and tea!

3. Do you have any other crafty interests apart from patchwork/quilting?

I've been sewing for at least 50 yrs...  if it can be sewn, I've probably made it.  I also knit, crochet, do needlework/embroidery, and anything else that catches my fancy... 

4. Dogs or cats?

Dogs...  I plan to get a puppy as soon as I retire!   I like cats too but am allergic...   *sigh*

5. What was your favourite subject at school?

After lunch and recess, my favorite was math....

6. What is on your sewing machine at the minute?

 My Jacob's Ladder quilt, which is in the process of being quilted.

7. Who is your favourite singer/group?

Only one, huh?    Okay.... Pink Martini...


8. Does your nearest and dearest know how much fabric you really have?

Nope... not sure I know how much fabric I have...   *lol*

Honestly, I don't have a ton o' fabric... just a nice healthy stash that will keep me in the quilting business for couple of years. 

9. What is your favourite all time film?

A lot of favorites but one that is always great fun to watch is...

10. Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Haven't been yet but would love to go watch...

11. What's your favourite thing you have ever made?

This will sound silly but I made a fleece bathrobe that was ankle length.  I'm 5' 10" and "ankle length" store bought robes hit about mid calf.  Also the sleeves are always too short.... so I made the sleeves in the robe long enough to come down past my wrists!    Loved that robe...  and wore it out!

Image swiped from web, not my actual robe.

I'm going to pass on tagging 11 other bloggers HOWEVER... if you would like to join in the fun, please feel free to do so by answering the following questions!   Let me know so I can come visit and see what you respond....

1.  How long have you been quilting?
2.  What quilting/sewing tool to you find most useful?
3.  Do you belong to a quilt guild?
4.  Do you have a local quilt shop?
5.  Do you quilt your own quilts or quilt "by check"?
6.  How many finished quilts to you have in your home?
7.  How many UFOs/WIPs do you have right now?
8.  What's the farthest you've been from home?
9.  I'm going to take you out to dinner and I'm paying... where are we going and what will we have?
10.  When was the last time you bought fabric?
11.  Thread... more than 100 spools or less?

Don't have a blog?  Then copy these questions into an email and send your answer to me...   tag!  You're it!


  1. I allowed myself to be tagged, too.

  2. I love your questions. I think I will answer them today or tomorrow. Great fun.

  3. Check out my blog on Thursday this week!