Thursday, March 8, 2012

In Need of New Glasses - Part 2

I fixed four of the five blocks with oopsies and discovered two more in a thorough examination of every single block... 

I think I've found all the oopsies but will double check as I sew the blocks to each other.  Who knew this would be such a chore?

Of course, the sexiest person ever with a magnifying glass was Jeremy Brett...

...who was tres cute as Freddy Eynsford-Hill in My Fair Lady!

Yes, it is a wonder I get anything done given the ADHD....


  1. Oh my goodness--I never realized my favorite Sherlock Holmes was in My Fair Lady. Who knew?
    Oh, right, this was a quilt post--sorry.
    Glad you found all of the oopsies. I admire your tenacity. This quilt almost has a watercolor feel.
    Seems to me there was something else I wanted to say. Where was I?
    AD what?

  2. I didn't realise Freddy morphed into Sherlock either. He doesn't look like himself at all, does he?

    I don't know where I'd be without my unpicker - or my tailor's awl which I'd rather use to pull out stitching. It doesn't cut the threads as easily as the unpicker but I can get a decent grip on the thread and pull it all out in one go. (Well, that's the theory of it! More often than not it just breaks into wee bits.)

  3. It is better to have found them now,I suppose.
    I would of heard you scream from Australia......if you had sewn it all together. Lol.

  4. Way to keep at it! It is a lovely, soothing quilt!!

    Have a great day!

  5. I think the only reason I get so much done is my ADHD I have learned to use it to get me working on more things at once. I bounce from project to project.

  6. I just watched MFL (one of my favorites) in January when AMC did their Oscar movies series. I didn't know that was Jeremy Brett who played Freddie. Love that kind of movie trivia!

    I think it must be something with this JL block, I had the same problem when I did my Floribunda top. And I had laid all the blocks out on design boards before sewing them! The errors were totally not apparent until I laid all the blocks out. Only when they were all sitting next to each other did I find six blocks with wayward four patches.

    But it's a fun top when it's finally done!

  7. You're so funny! And I do love the classic films.

  8. I discovered that the JL block was more challenging than I expected, especially when I started sewing the blocks together. I had a very hard time getting my seams pressed in such a way that they opposed each other where seams met. Oh well, it is a scrappy stash quilt, not one for a show. Your quilt is turning out beautifully.

  9. You are cracking me up! At least your ADHD leads you to some great eye candy!

  10. Oopsies ... You crack me up, girl.

  11. LOL!!! I'm pretty sure I need a new pair then too!!! Loving your quilt!!

  12. Cute as Freddie maybe; but he is the best Sherlock Holmes ever (even better than Benedict Cumberbatch whose sexy voice slays me every time).