Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tiny Houses: Pink & Purple (cont'd)

Yes, I have way too many pink fabric scraps but it is cool using them on these tiny houses.

Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville (link) has pointed out that your fabric scraps cost just as much as the fabrics that end up in quilts.

Don't know about you but at $10/yard and up, I want to save every useable scrap.

In order to save time and keep the piles o' scraps off my desk while I'm working on the houses, I print off five sets of the six different house patterns, cutting them in half so there is one house pattern on each half sheet.

Each pattern goes into the basket with the selected fabrics on top, layered until I have 30 tiny houses ready to sew together.  This is working well so I'll keep doing this when I start back to work.  Then when I get home, all I have to do is take the set on top and start piecing.


  1. Great way to be organized and ready to sew. When I'm tired at night I can't sew but I can cut and organize. I love having everything ready to go when I sit down to sew.

  2. Look at you being so organized. : )
    You will have your subdivision built before you know it. I can tell you are having fun with the scraps!

  3. I was thinking of doing something with all the scraps I have - giving them away to the charity shop was one idea - but then I got to thinking that if I actually sewed them all together, I'd have quite a sizeable piece of fabric. So, needless to say, they're all still in their boxes waiting for me to do something sewy with them. I definitely think "sewy" should be a word! LOL

    These wee houses are fab! :o)

  4. Whatever you are doing, you are doing it right! I like to take it one step further and pin on the #1 pieces first. It's so much easier to just sit down and sew when it is all assembled. Way to go, Girl.