Monday, July 7, 2014

Growing a Village of Tiny Houses

Yesterday was my first day since I got off work that I had nothing I had to do and nowhere I had to go.   It was nice!

There are six different tiny house paper-piecing pattern and I decided to do one of each in 1800's repro fabrics.

There are so many variations of color/fabric placement, I think I could make these all in the 1800's repros and never make the same tiny house twice.

While I don't believe that paper-piecing will become a favorite or a specialty, I do like making these tiny houses.


  1. So cute, Freda!!
    Paper piecing will never be my favorite method (still don't like pulling papers), but I love the precise results and will do it whenever the need arises--which it often does in my minis. : )
    Can't wait to see more construction going on here.

  2. Sweet! Do you have a project in mind for the planned 6?

  3. They look fabulous and love them allí!!

  4. They're adorable, Freda. :o)

  5. these are fun. i really like that background blue you've chosen.

  6. The houses are so cute. I can understand how they would be fun to make in different fabrics.