Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tiny Houses: Batik Series (finale)

I love how nicely batiks press so crisply...

...lines so clean and straight!

There!  Six more tiny houses completed for a total of 28 blocks.  Now, on to the next series...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Are YOU a no-reply blogger?   I try to reply to all comments but sometimes it's impossible because I get the "no-reply" blogger thing, meaning I can't email you back.... your email address is hidden.   *sigh*    So, here is how you find out if you are a "no-reply" blogger....

First clue: I don't send you an email replying to your comment.

To check to see if you really ARE a "no reply" blogger, first go to your Blogger dash board and click on your account name in the upper right corner.

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Now, if you... like me.... got caught in the Google+ change-over, it will take a few more steps to release you from that quagmire situation.  The lovely Venus from Venus Trapped in Mars has a fab post on getting back to your old Blogger settings HERE (link).

Hope this helps!  I do enjoy responding to all commenters... the folks I've met virtually via Blogger are THE BEST!


  1. I can't be a non reply cause I've gotten lots of replies... that's how I know - the easy nontech way.
    Love your little houses... Oh and I love batiks for that reason, too. They are a little harder to hand quilt, but since I am not hand quilting...
    They are hard to find in low density colors... I still love using them.

  2. The wee batik houses are fab. The colours are just gorgeous! :o)

  3. 28 blocks sounds like a lot. I'm looking forward to seeing the next series!

  4. Love the little batik houses. I agree, batiks press beautifully! I love them for foundation piecing! Just bought a bunch of batiks for a foundation pieced snowflake quilt I'm going to make--someday.
    Been away from blogs most of the past few weeks due to family needs and have missed your house creations. Would love to see them all together!