Monday, July 28, 2014

Tiny Houses: Bold and Bright (cont'd)

I do have to say I'm putting a hurtin' on the scrap bins... not much left to go back in the bright drawer.

It's a bit of a challenge fussy cutting the roof since a lot of it is guessing... but I'm getting better.

Don't have a pirate ship but I do have a pirate tiny house!


  1. I don't know how you manage to fussy-cut for paper piecing. The only part I can fussy-cut is the very first piece, and it doesn't look to me as though your pirate came first. I would be bonkers trying to figure that out! : )

  2. I do like that pirate house! Such fun. It must be so satisfying to see those scrap bins get a little emptier with each house.

  3. Another fine pair of wee houses, Freda. I love the look on the pirate's face! LOL

  4. I've got some of that pirate fabric! I've been using it for I Spy quilts.... couldn't think of any other way to use it. Thanks for the heads up, I learned a lesson.