Friday, July 25, 2014

Tiny Houses: 1930s repro version

While I love 1930s reproduction fabrics, I struggle to coordinate and/or match them.

I suppose I could just grab a handful of these scraps and use whatever I get.

I guess it's one of my quirks... matching fabrics...

These are cheerful, aren't they?   (Where DID those threads come from???)


  1. Those threads are invisible ... until you take a photo of them and then they're there for the world to see! These are beeyootiful, Freda. :o)

  2. The kitty in the window!!! This really made me chuckle. Ok, I have to say it....Purrfect! And like you, I spend way too much time matching fabric ;-/

  3. The threads are from the raw edge of the fabric in the seam allowance. Wild threads! Love your yellow, pink and blue houses. Sweet.

  4. Love the one with the kitty in the window. You'll have your grandkids searching for that one each time they see the quilt once it's finished.