Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tiny House: Pink and Purple

My favorite colors are pinks, purples, and cobalt blue.  I have the hardest time resisting and, after making my pink quilt...

...I have a lot of pink scraps.   They reside in a scrap bin along with purples... but they are mostly pinks.   All shades of pink...   so it is time to tackle that drawer!

I think the pink and purple scraps go together, even if they are dark...

...or have colors other than pink and/or purple on them.   

Although the green print was not in the pink/purple drawer, the blue-violet gingham was.   It's so hard sorting colors sometimes....   


  1. Pretty little houses.
    Isn't that the truth about sorting colors? Sometimes I just can't seem to decide which drawer or bin a certain color should go in--it is two different colors, but really not quite either one! : )

  2. You gotta have green (trees) shading your windows - at least in my neck of the woods (CA). Most of our windows have a fruit tree planted in front of it. So much sunshine makes your house really hot and uncomfortable. Your cool colors help keep your house comfy.

  3. I have the same problem with what colours go in which box. I mean, is turquoise a greeny-blue or a bluey-green?? Sometimes I'll put a piece in both the green and the blue boxes just to keep things fair. :oD

    You haven't made a wee house yet that I haven't liked - or wanted to live in!