Monday, July 22, 2013

Pinwheel Block #20

Yup... the final block!

And now, for your viewing enjoyment, all 20 blocks together!

Since I took the above photo, I've already rearranged some of the blocks...

I'm not planning anything exciting for the layout... just sew the blocks together and then have two borders...  a narrow "barn red" and a wider dark blue print.

The color is off in this photo... the red especially... think "barn red"...


  1. You worked hard Freda and every block is looking great. I love the colours of the border and can't wait to see how they fit.

  2. All of the blocks look great and are playing nicely together! Won't it be nice that you have accomplished this quilt while on summer break? I always love to get a project done when I have time off. I try to remember what I made on certain days off. Like on the day I took off for my birthday, or on the fourth of July, etc. On my birthday I made a miniature quilt and made my first FMQ swirls. You will remember the Americana pinwheel quilt from July of 2013.

  3. This is turning out beautifully, and I like your border choices.

  4. AWESOME!!! The block with the star fabric - ooooo la, la, laaaaa!!! Wow what a fabulous quilt this will be!!


  5. Look how your persistence has paid off. You have a set of blocks ready to assemble and it looks, from my vantage point, like it was relatively painless. : )
    Love these R/W/B pinwheels, Freda!

  6. Wonderful. Can't wait to see it with its borders on. :o)

  7. Great blocks - can't wait to see the finished top.

  8. Great blocks and perfect border, Freda. I look forward to seeing the finished top :D