Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Missing Carol...

I started going into Carol withdrawal shortly before she left and, as she pulled out of the drive, it got worse...  we had a long weekend of perfect days visiting, catching up, doing stuff, and just hanging out.  But, I will have a number of things to remember the fun we had.   

First, Carol brought me a new ironing board cover.  She was wandering through some store in her neck o' the woods and stumbled across something that cried "Freda!" to her....

Isn't it perfect?  I love it...  so much better than the metallic-y gray of the one I had!   Carol even liked the ironing board cover enough she picked out a new one in teals and blues for herself as well. 

Carol was pleased with her tote bag and began putting things in it to take back with her...

I shared that I wanted one for myself to carry lunch to work because the bottom of the tote is square and would carry a food container flat rather than on its side.  However, after making two, I had no inspiration about what fabrics to use.

A funny I wanted to share....

Yesterday, Carol brought up that she had no idea how to match fabrics so we went to my sewing room and I got out fat quarters, charm packs, jelly rolls, etc... and we talked about general principles of putting fabrics together.  I found a neat charm pack that I've had for a while and thought it would be perfect for my tote.  It's an older one with only 22 fabric squares and not enough for the number of 2.5" squares on the outside of the tote.   

S0, I had Carol look through my scrap bins for coordinating fabrics while I dug through stash.   Carol selected the following...

Everything goes with my new ironing board cover, doesn't it?

So, today while the Carol withdrawal continues, I will start work on my tote bag...   which will remind me each time I use it about the fabulous visit with my wonderful sister Carol.


  1. LOVE that new ironing board cover, Freda!
    Sounds like you shared some quality sister time. : )

  2. That is a WOWZER of an ironing board cover! What a great sister-friend! I'm so glad my sister lives nearby and we get to do stuff together like go on sewing retreats. She's always making me flamingo-related things to feed MY addiction. Sisters are the best.

  3. Ok.... First of all, Carol's neck of the woods is also my neck of the woods, and yet I've never spotted such a gorgeous ironing board cover! And mine is metallic gray as well, and further more is scorched and yucky. Second of all, you need to come visit your sister here so that we could get together! I do really love the choices you both assembled for your bag. The third time will be the charm! (get it, heh heh heh?)

  4. That is an amazing ironing board cover!!! Your post made my eyes water :*-)...sister times are the best. Can't wait to see your lunch bag!

  5. Absolutely AWESOME ironing board cover!!! Carol gets major props for that!!! Catching up on your last posts!! The tote is super great - you are one great sister!! And the dresses for the girls/dolls - you must get the prize for best grandma ever!!


  6. What a fabulous ironing board cover, Freda. It'll make you think of Carol - and smile - every time you use it! :o)

  7. Glad y had such a wonderful visit with your sister,

  8. Awww...sorry you're missing your sis. The ironing board cover is beautiful. Sure looks better than mine!