Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pinwheel Block #11

I also wanted to use the flag fabric from which I fussy cut the USCG emblems again...

...fussy cutting really eats up fabric and it was a challenge to come up with four QSTs without using any of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine emblems...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In other news, the third block of the Aiming For Accuracy BOW was posted last night and here is my version...

It's hard to see but the fabric (dark purple pinwheels) is a print.    Here's what my color chart looks like now...

If you're interested in seeing other A4A QAL blocks, check out the Facebook page HERE (click on the PHOTOS tab to just view blocks)... or the Flickr page HERE.


  1. Great fussy cut--it does take chunks out of the middle, doesn't it? When are you going to share all of the blocks together that you have made so far? (hint, hint)
    Love your A4A blocks--great fabrics!

  2. Somewhat tempted by the A4A block a long.... must resist. Good stuff there!

  3. Oh, I really like this block. The dark blue and the cream with blue swirls goes perfectly with the flag fabric.

  4. Beautiful progress on your blocks Freda!!

  5. Lovin, lovin, lovin ALL your blocks!!! Your fabrics for the pinwheels are just awesome!!!


  6. The fabrics in both blocks are simply a delight to see.