Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pinwheel Block #16

Row Number 4 is now complete with block #16...

...all together now!

Keeping me company this week is one of my grandpuppies, Mia the Bia (aka The Queen of the Backyard and O Tamer of Impertinent Squirrels) while her family is vacationing at the beach.

Mia would like to know why I am always in the hallway taking pictures of all these square pieces of fabric that are hanging on the wall...

Dunno, Mia!  It's a mystery...


  1. Looks like you are in good company. : )
    Have you decided on a setting for thee blocks? Are there more to come?

  2. Your blocks so beautiful all together! Love your helper!! :-)

  3. I really like how the pinwheels look all together. Glad Mia is there to keep you safe from the squirrels. She will get the hang of being the quilting assistant if she stays with you long enough.

  4. I love the group picture, too. The variation of placement of lights, darks, and mediums really have these pinwheels moving! Love it.

  5. I guess we could all see the humor in the things we do if we looked at them from a dog's perspective. Why aren't you tossing the ball or rubbing the belly all the time... after all, that's what is really important. lol
    I love your blocks. They are making up to a really nice quilt.

  6. Love your blocks, Freda. Mia probably wants you to stop wasting time sewing and fetch her some Mia treats.

  7. Looks like you're in good company-cute blocks and adorable doggy!

  8. Love all of the blocks and Mia looks like she'd be a lot of fun.