Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another Pattern, Better Directions

Interestingly, a pattern I had ordered came in yesterday's mail and, after having just posted my opinion on another pattern, I thought it would be an object lesson about writing good directions. 

The "Rita" Bag by Abbey Lane Quilts was on sale at The Fat Quarter Shop and I had purchased two fabrics from the Winter Lane line by Moda to use to make the bag.

As I do with all patterns, I sat down and pulled everything out and read the directions.  First, I noted there was a page of cutting directions with measurements and the numbers of pieces needed.

Even though this is a simpler pattern, there were three... count 'em... THREE pages of neatly organized and clear directions for each part of the process.

Also included were three pattern pieces that were referred to as "templates."   

I've not finished the bag yet but it is in progress... clear directions do make a different in one's enjoyment of a project.

I'll post a photo of the completed bag when I finish...


  1. I'm really liking it so far--the quality of the pattern, and the bag!

  2. That will be so pretty when you are finished! So glad the instructions are easier.

  3. This looks as a perfect patern for every one.
    Beautiful fabrics Freda and I'm looking forward to the finished bag.
    ( What is the difference between a bag and a tote? )

  4. I love the way this one is progressing.

  5. Like the crescent shape of this bag and the shirring on the front. Wonderful fabric choices.

  6. This looks like a really interesting pattern - glad it's well written.

  7. Looks like another great bag. Having some fun there!