Monday, April 18, 2011

Quilter's ADHD Strikes Again

The giant mug rug/table topper looks so nice beside the bed that I eyed the bedside table on the other side when changing the linens.  I measured the oval top and have some leftover (or orphan) blocks from the double 4-patch left that will work well for this project.

What distracted me was the bedside table... or the Martha Washington-style sewing cabinet that serves as a bedside table.

There's something about sewing cabinets... not sure what it is other than someone I knew used the cabinet to store her sewing stuff back before there were decent closets and storage drawers, baskets, bins, etc.

This one has glass pulls... I love glass pulls...

I have a similar sewing cabinet in the guest room being used as a bedside table as well.

I was surprised that no one in the family wanted my grandmother's sewing box... so its been living with me.  It is simpler and was handy to carry from its place by her chair in the living room to the front porch so she could sew/tat/crochet while visiting.

This cabinet has a little sliding thread tray...

...which is removable.  I can see where my grandfather repaired the sewing cabinet when it got wobbly...

Underneath, is a ziploc bag where I put all my grandmother's sewing supplies so they would stay together.

Once seeing the bag, I needed to explore it again because it's been quite a while...

Buttons, hook-n-eyes, snaps, a paper measuring tape, and a cloth belt...

...a round plastic zipper box (anyone else remember these?), empty but being used to store rolled up double-faced satin ribbon...

...sewing machine needles...

...something that looks suspiciously like the bias tape makers

...Clark's (before Coats came along) crochet cotton...

...more thread, buttons, a seashell, a packet with hinges (handwriting is my grandmother's)... the little green thing is a cork that my grandmother used to hold her sewing needles... not sure what the wooden thing is with notches but I suspect it was used to hold thread...

...another cork with a pin, the rhinestones are strung on thread, a bolt of lace...

.. a tatted medallion and a crocheted one, both made by my grandmother...

...and a few items every thrifty woman kept on hand.   After examining everything, I put it all back...  I'm just not able to discard these things...   

My parents were children during the Depression and my grandparents reared families during those dark days.  I heard a lot of "make do or do without" growing up... guess it stuck.

I did finish one project yesterday... if you remember, I had four of the flower blocks left... so I made a mug rug with the last one...

...don't want even one block going to waste!


  1. I totally love your Grandma's stash! I inherited my Mom's, MIL's, and her sister's stash. I love to go thru the button box (in a metal fruit cake tin) and just remember. They even smell like home.

  2. Thank you for sharing your Grandmother's beautiful things...a trip down memory lane is very special. I inherited my Great Grandmother's things and should catalog them (there's a lot). Love your flower mug rug - now if only it would stop snowing here! The community Easter egg hunt for children was done in the snow this year!

  3. What treasures!! You wonderful that you have your grandma's things. A passion you both share!!

    Love the mug rug!!

  4. What an amazing assortment of treasures to have from your grandmother.
    Love the mug rug made from your left over flower.

  5. I love these little sewing tables too. My mom has one and when I can finally get my dad to give it up it will be mine!! Mine all mine, I say!!! I remember the plastic zipper cases, my mom had those too.

  6. What wonderful treasures! I absolutely LOVE the old notions. I have a few myself both from my great grandmother and some from a sewing machine I bought in an auction. I also like to take them out and just look at them. Don't ever throw them away! (If you're tempted, let me know!)

  7. Ah that old sewing box is gorgeous! I love finding vintage sewing items, but your are really special, because they were your Grandmothers!

  8. What a treasure trove you have. And your mug rug is adorable. Hugs.

  9. What a lot of beautiful things you have from your grandmother,cherish it.

  10. What special memeories are tucked away in that bag; of course it should stay! Those are beautiful pieces of furniture! I love your topper! I know how quickly those table tops gather stuff, maybe yours won't with such a beautiful top to show off!

  11. Hello,
    Exploring some of the quilting blogs - my husband and daughter are planning to make one together. Love that cabinet - it has so much character - lovely treasures you have,

  12. That was a wonderful stroll through a mini museum of sewing/crafting items!

  13. A beautiful and portable sewing cabinet. Thanks for sharing all about the contents; they brought many precious memories. I treasure things that belonged to my parents and grandparents. My mom saved everything, b/c she was going to "make something out of it", and often did. Just as you made something out of tiny scraps...nicely done!

  14. What treasures! Lucky you having your grandmother's sewing things!♥